Aug 23, 2015

Pelargonium report No.1 from my garden 2015

This is the first Pelargonium report from my garden for the season 2015.

Since I have most of my Pelargoniums outside exposed to weather and wind have this year been a slow one. Half the summer was cold and wet, but now in August when the heat is on is my Pelargoniums growing fast.

(On the photos do I have my favorite coffee mug next to the flowers so you get a sense of size, the mug is about 10cm/4 inches)

HAPPY THOUGHT (from a seed planted in January this year. A favorite since it is in the size of a smaller bush in the end of the summer. Beautiful leaves)

AUSTRALE (Wild fragant Pelargonium, smells Wild strawberries)

BONIFACE BUTTERFLY (with beautiful red stems)

CARNOSUM (Succulent Pelargonium)

STADT BERN (a favorite, always at my outdoor coffee table)

COTYLEDONIS (Wild succulent Pelargonium with a thick treelike stem/base)





LEVINS (Zonal No name, I bought it from Levins at Gävle main square for many years ago and just love the half filled flowers that shifts in Pink-Peach)

More is to come shortly, See You soon, Per!

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