Aug 16, 2015

Where the River meet the Sea

Where the Dal river meet the Baltic sea!
(4 in the morning)

The Dal River/Dalälven is 520km/320mi long and start in Norway going through Sweden and meet the Baltic Sea/Östersjön where I'm born and still have a seaside cottage.

The meeting point is the Northern Uppland, Älvkarleby county in Skutskär.
I'm brought up on the shores along the river and coastline where the river brought beautiful sand from inland Sweden. It resulted in sandy delta islands and mainland beaches, Sandbankarna, Häcksören, Kläcken, Brämmen, Rullsand, Billudden,...

Growing up here the kids spend their summers on the water, beaches and in the surrounding nature. Not a dull moment!

I have just been at my cottage in the area of Kopphuslandet for a few days

I took our river rowing boat and my camera out a few times for photography, sun, sand and nature.
One morning I went to the River/Sea meeting at Häcksören to take photos of the sunrise at 5.
It was magic

I went to the sandy island of Kläcken a few times. Here you have to go by boat so it's mostly locals going here.

My rowing boat

Another beach is Brämmen, where it's more people from nearby places like Gävle and often a younger crowd in the summer season.

Rullsand Beach and Camping is a Family beach, and nearby is the Naturist Beach and Billudden Nature reserve.

The super healthy Sea Buckthorn/Havtorn grow everywhere along the coastline here, and this year it's a lot!

I love to explore the delta area and coastline with my Finnish river rowing boat, very easy to maneuver, great when I want to take photos of near and far, and easy to land along the coast.

All in all it was really a nice couple of days off work, spending them at the cottage and in and out of the boat.

Warmest Greetings, Per!

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