Feb 20, 2014

A White Surpise in my village of Leufstabruk

This morning when I woke up I had a feeling that something was different with the light, it was very bright!
And wow, the whole landscape was covered in white beautiful snow.
I know, it's February and it should be snow, but after the last weeks of no snow and spring weather it was a surprise.
I know it will not last for long, it will be warmer than usual in a couple of days, so it was just to quickly down a cup of coffee, put on warm clothing and get out there with my camera!

Enjoy, I did :D

My future Woodland/Lund in the end of my garden

My Barn, Woodland and the Perennial bed in the front

 Luckily I covered the New Dawn Rose properly before

 My beautiful barn

My stream and footbridge

My house and entrance to my property

My village Leufstabruk / Lövstabruk looks like a winter wonderland!
The South gate to the village

The Manor House

The Brewery: Leufstabruk Bryggeri

The South gate to the Manor house

The Orangerie

 The Archive of Natural History

The Church with the famous Baroque Cahman Organ from 1728

Hope You enjoyed my walk as much as I did, Per!


  1. Vakkert sted du bor på Per:-) Skjønner godt du trives, så flotte gml hus..:-)
    Spennende og se mer når snøen tiner, og din hage...hva som skal plantes der:-)

    1. Tusen Tack Vibeke, ja det är en sagoby, ett av Sveriges bäst bevarade brukssamhällen :D
      Ja, det ska bli underbart att skapa en trädgård från början :D