Feb 10, 2014

Back in My Garden for the Spring

Dear Friends, I'm back home in Sweden and my garden in the region of Uppland!
After 3 months working in the sun I was excited to see how far the spring had come in my garden :)

There is still snow around even if it's disappear quickly in warmish degrees and rain. Could be deceiving though, it's actually a month early, at least!

My Street is still having some snow, but I feel the excitement over the spring seeing green patches here and there

The entrance to my house are snowfree more or less

 My stream are open and it will be exciting to see how high the water will go in the spring since I plan to plant  some Lillies along the edge and don't want to do it too far down

The "New Dawn" Rose is too early and need some more covering, also to be protected from the coming strong "Spring sun"

Also the "Ilse Krohn" Rose need more protection

Here is the "Barn" looking towards the upcoming Shadow Garden & Kitchen Garden, in front is the new Perennial flower bed I made in the late fall

My Perennial flower bed is full of Spring bulbs, some of them eager to come up

 In the Shadow flower bed under my kitchen window The Japanese Mahonia Fern never lost it's green under the snow, fascinating

In my Kitchen garden the Garlic from Gourmetgarage surprised me, probaly will need covering as well

It's now easier to see and plan my Shadow Garden when the entrance isn't covered with Nettles

The Shadow Garden is a long haul project that will take years, but it's good to see where the water comes in the spring, so I can see where the different plants could go.
Seeing this, I also realize where the Mosqitos will thrive :(

My view from the kitchen window (where the beautiful Orchid I got as a moving in gift from my parents survived 3 months without water ;D )

Up in the Guest room, now serving as a overwintering room for my Geraniums, Fuschias, Olive tree, Walnut tree & more, getting bright light from the skylights towards north and a temperature of +8-10C

Today all the stored mail came from the post office, I ripped up the Garden Magazine and brewed fresh coffee for my favorite moment: FIKA

On the way home to Sweden did I pass through Amsterdam Airport and took the oportunity to stock up on bulbs and seeds :D
The "White Elegance" selection contained: Dahlia Playa Blanca, Liatris floristan Alba, Freesia Single White, Anemone Bride & Gladiolus White Prosperity
The Blue "Mix&Match" Collection have: Dahlia Blue Boy, Ranunculus White, Gladiolus Blue Frost & Anemone Coronaria Mr Fokker (haha)
I also found seeds for a favorite, the Architectural Eryngium "Miss Willmotts Ghost.

An exciting time is coming up, and I'm so glad to live in a area where the spring is very long and fun :D
Enjoy, I do!

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