Feb 25, 2014

Snow´s gone and it's Spring again

The mini winter is over and with +10C the snow quickly disappear!
Time to start up the garden slowly but surely, and it's all so fun this the 1st spring in my garden :D

Up in the Geranium Hotel on the top floor it's soon time to take cuttings, but I will wait another week!
The little garden gnome I bought in Chile for 15years ago posing amoung the Geraniums!

A little Maple tree I digged out from the Lilac hedge at the cottage survived the winter indoors and shooting beautiful lime green leafs

My 1 meter high Mårbacka Geranium will give a lot of cuttings this year

Down in the kitchen it was time to put the 1st seeds in soil and I started with Franchis Peperone "Padron" from Gourmet Garage, Chilipepper "Piment dÉspelette" that is supposed to be able to grown outside, Hollyhock/Stockros "Chaters Double" for the south facade towards the road, Eryngium "Miss Willmott's Ghost" and Large Verbena.
Plus some seeds I got from my red Amaryllis and also from the Flock Tulips/Flocktulpan at the cottage

Out in the garden I discover more and more Snow Drops everywhere, in the Woodland, in the hedges and here and there in the lawns, so beautiful.

On the other side of the stream is the 1st bud on the Lilac showing

 And the water is on full power with all the melting snow.

Time to take away the protecting leafs from the new flowerbeds and make space for all the bulbs to see the daylight.

I cheated and bought some ready flowers in a flowershop to get a teaser of what's coming, here some Narcissus put together with some moss and branches from the forrest. I put it in a big pot for outside.

In my livingroom I have some colourful Tulips to match the art on the walls

And today I found some funky shaped Birch/Björk branches that I put in my favorite vase from Finland, for my diningroom!
Until next time, enjoy!

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