Mar 22, 2014

Ilse Krohn in her new home & the Forrest floor filling up with beauty

When I moved in to my new home and garden in the late fall last year did I do some good deals at the garden centers closing down for the season.

I did fall in love with the climbing rose Ilse Krohn, even if Zone IV where I live could be a challenge. I decided to put her against the beautiful stonewall to the food cellar, south facing, there she would get warmth, also stored in the stones and be protected from the north winds.

I put her down in the soil temporarily last fall and today I put her in the final flower bed with wooden frame, open in the bottom with a deeper soilfilled hole under. Next to it I probably plant some Thyme, but not sure yet.
I took the opportunity to weed and clean out the whole flowerbed next to the food cellar wall.
When I moved in last fall was this part totally neglected and the rest a gravelled parking lot, the grass You see is moved here from other new flower beds (see October in my Blog) and the rocks found in the soil and put where the water comes from the roof tiles during rains.

I have a few pots with spring bulbs (Grape Hyacinths & Narcissus) around my entrance,......
..., but now I need those pots for other plants so I put all the bulbs in the new flowerbed where they would end up anyway. I will fill this bed with bulbs for next spring :D

This flowerbed, very visible from the entrance will be for the spring bulbs, but also for a lot of summer flowers that can be changed every year.
This is the flower combination for this year:
Sunflower "Ruby F1", Summer Rudbeckia "Cherry Brandy", Marigold "Bronzed Beauty" & Spice Tagethes "Tangerine Dream".
I think this combination will look great towards the stonewall.

I took a break in the gardening to go to the English park in the village to pick some Ramson/Ramslök for lunch.
The snow is gone in the park and all the Ramson makes the forrest floor greener by the day!
This small tiny flower and leaves of the Butterbur/Pestskråp will grow rapidly and tower over all the Ramson after they had their glory.
But for now the Ramson is the star, here with the village Manor House in the background

I took a little de-tour home in the fantastic spring weather to check out how far the forrest flowers has come!
Here the simply beautiful Coltsfoot/Tussilago-Hästhov
And the delicate Blue Anemone Hepatica/Blåsippa which cover larger areas of the forrest floor, pre-cedor to the as beautiful white version.

The Ramson/Ramslök was put in a Omelett made by local Eggs from Roslagen and Cheese made on the nearby Island of Åland!
Bon Apetite, Per!

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