Mar 13, 2014

Wonderful feeling of Spring & Preparations for Climbing Roses & Peonies

Back in my garden after a hectic time in Stockholm where I worked with Jewellery during the viewings at Bukowskis Auction house "Fashion and Diamonds".
And what a comeback, sun and around +15C, fantastic and I used every second because it's soon cold again.

Along the south end of my house where it's now just graveled parking, I want climbing Roses and Peones. The roses because it's a two storey empty wall, only with my bedroom window on the second floor and I need something with height.
I already started with a Pink New Dawn in one corner last fall and it survived.
My plan is to plant in pallet collars instead of digging deep down in the compact graveled ground.

First assemble the natural untreated pallet collars
I glazed them black to match the buildings
I took away the gravel and put down the collars, leved and screwed the in the wall and to eachother
It start to look great! Next is to cover the inside with black plastic and drape the botton to let water through plus stop the weed. I will also dig out pits for the Peonies that I have ordered to be delivered in the fall.
Meanwhile I will have a lot of summer flowers and perennial flowers for the edges.
 On the left side have I planted the reliable Climbing Rose "New Dawn" that already coming fine, and I have ordered the Rose for the right side, the new "Iceberg Clg".

Fika break in the warm sun
 The Post woman came with a great delivery while I had my coffee: From Gourmet Garage did I receive exciting seeds; Borlotto Beans and a rare Salvia "Nana Blue". 
And as a really nice moving in gift from Anna at Gourmet Garage I got Lemon salt from Italy "Fior di Sale al Limone"

After the break did I take the bicycle to the north side of the village, there outside the gates in the forrest can this amazing field of Snowdrops be found, amazing! 

In the Manor house park did I find these Chionodoxa/Vårstjärna with the first Bee of the season :D

Today's Fika/coffee break with a Semla was special, the Post woman came with the newest issue of the Garden Magazine and a book I've been longing for: "Lundens Skugga" (In the shadow of the Woodland) by my friend Hannu Sarenström

That inspired me to clean up in the area where I plan my woodland, it's a huge task and will take some years to complete.

Today I discovered this little Daisy/Tusensköna in the lawn :D

I prepared one more pallet collar for the Garlic, with Coldpressed Linseed Oil

Inside my house do I have some branches I found in the forrest by a pile of logs, they are the bearer of spring :D

I have a small Walnut tree in a pot that I bought at the Hellekis Manor in Kinnekulle, it's going for it's 3rd year in a pot and seems to like it. It's too cold up here to plant it outside, so a Bonsai it will be.

I have been busy in the evenings re-planting all the Pelargoniums/Geraniums for the summer and are very grateful for my deep windows with a lot of space!

Have a great Spring All!
Regards, Per!

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