Dec 17, 2015

In the Fantasy world of Julia af Robson

"ROOTS" is the name of Julia af Robsons latest exhibit.

I try to follow her developments in the art, loving it off course, since I love colours, and there are plenty of it compare to last years exhibit "TROLLSKOG"

I did not have good conditions for the camera, but hope you get it anyway!
Here from Galleri Hagström in Stockholm Old Town.
(For better photo quality, go to her WEBSITE)

If you are really lucky, as I was, you will have a private viewing of her art.
It starts with the BIG BANG
These are reminders from last years exhibit, but with more colours

"Roots is a series of paintings that can be seen as an extended version of Trollskog but bigger and with more colors. Indian ink and acrylic are the material Julia uses. Julia creates new worlds and explores patterns and relationships. She is interested in the subconscious, what is happening beyond our life and what is controlling us. She tries to create fantasy worlds that you as a viewer can escape to. Gold is a color that often recur and is to be viewed as a symbol for spirituality."
Here is one of the cool Wine labels Julia designed

It was as usual a pure pleasure to follow Julia in to the inspirational world of hers, Thank You Julia, Per!

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