Dec 3, 2015

Swedish bridal crown tradition 150 years ago

The other day I blogged about the Gingerbread Palace at Länsmuséet Gävleborg. The Museum are under refurbishment and they have some smaller exhibits on the groundfloor meanwhile. One being:
showing the Swedish wedding traditions 150 years ago with amazing and unusual photos of couples in mid-Sweden, but also a selection of fun crowns created by artists today inspired by the old photos and traditions.
(For Non-Scandinavians, the nametraditions at the time: DOTTER=Daughter of ..., SON=Son of .... )
This photo is a rare photo taken 7 June 1864 in Arbrå by Anders Olsson.
Brita Hansdotter from Koldemo got married with Lars Larsson from Hov.
The Crown are made of silver and Brita are decorated with flowers as well.
Britas daughter Marta Larsdotter got married in the family crown 10 June 1892 with Per Jonsson-Löfgren from Bogården.
In June 1900 did Anders Johan Sved from Västerstråsjö marry Kerstin Lidell from Lia. She's wearing the familys magnificent silvercrown with loads of flowers.
Marta Persdotter from Åkre at her wedding in Stockholm 21 October 1902 with Olof Olsson from Hov. Less flowers since it's October.
One of the most elaborate of them all is worn by a bride from Järvsö in mid-Sweden approx 1885. The silvercrown borrowed from the local church (still a tradition) are extremely decorated with spires of goldleafs and artificial flowers. The crown are hardly visible.

Here is a modern take by artists today:
And why not a crown for men, created by Eric Olof Wiklund

Hope You enjoyed! Next I will show the exhibit with 50-60's emroidery at the Museum!

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