Sep 27, 2015

Hiking the Norduppland coastline

Today I took a long hike along the coastline from our seaside cottage to see if there is some nice autumn foliage around. The hike started in sun, but the clouds came in pretty quickly.

We live very close to the Baltic sea along the Dalriver in Norduppland-Sweden.
First area in the forest along the river is:
In this area people from Skutskär hade their small dingies for fishing and going to the beaches before the county built a boat harbour further up the river. There is a lot of boatwrecks and stuff in the forest, but still some small boats for use as well.
Some rackety piers having a view towards the Blatic sea,
 The view from here is the Häcksören beach, The Baltic sea & Kläckgrund beach.

I countinue walking towards Häcksören that ones before the landrise was an Island, the forest here is untouched and pretty wet.

The former island is by the Baltic Sea and have several small beaches and an exciting forrest.
 The view inland from Häcksören is my favorite beach island: Kläckgrund.
 The are a lot of small wetland areas on Häcksören, former ocean trapped due to the strong landrise.
Further along the Baltic coastline are the windmills at Skutskär Papermill visible.
 Here and there small beaches
 Nude beach
 After hiking along the rocky coastline am I now at:
where some people enjoying the fresh air and some playing with kites
On the way home from the beach I pass through some nice forest areas, rich on berries, here Lingonberries
 And at last, very close I saw some changing of colours, not much yet though

It was a really nice 4hr hike, not too cold and now home for a fika/coffee on our pier.
Thank You for following me, Per!