Sep 17, 2015

Mid September in my garden

I'm enjoying ever season in my garden, and soon it's going towards the beautiful fall, but before that I'm enjoying the colourful late summer!
These photos I took the other day:
Autumns Crocus/Tidlösa
Scabiosa Caucasia /Höstvädd
 A very fragant Phlox/Flox "Laura"
 Fuchsia "Blue Angel"
 Pelargonium "Happy Thought"
 Fuchsia "Jolly Tarbes"
 The one and only Blackberry/Björnbär I get on the plant I planted this spring
 Pelargoninm "Sparkler"
The amazing Pelargonium "Tierp!
My favorite rose Louis Bugnet have been in bloom all summer and more to come
 Tagethes "Jolly Jester"
 Rudbeckia Echinacea
Rudbeckia Echinacea

I hope You enjoyed as much as I do, especially when I sit on my favorite place in my garden with a cup of coffee!

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