Sep 10, 2015

Lövstabruks 1750's Caleche en Gondole, stunning beauty of crafts art

During the summer I've been a guide in and around the magnificant Manor of Lövstabruk (1730) in Northern Uppland-Sweden.
It have been a pure joy and honor to "work" there and see and talk about all beauty in and outside the Manor.
One of my favorites are the Carriage & Sledge hall where Baron/Friherre Louis De Geers large private collection are kept.
A couple of the objects catch my eyes more than others, and one of them is this original Caleche en Gondole / Berline Carriage / Gondolvagn! Probably made here in Lövstabruk or Stockholm in the 1750's

It never stops fascinate me, the; Woodcarvings, Saddlery, Forgingwork, Art, Technology and amazing Rococo Beauty! Unfortunately the curtains disappeared when it was lent out for a movieproduction in the 60's.

It used six horses and could take 6-9 passengers with a turnable seat in the midle.
It was used for excursions, picnics, parties and weddings.

Follow me on my journey around the Carriage!

The front
The art work is probably make by artist Johan Pasch or Lorens Gottman
The back
This leather strap hanging from the back of the roof from one side to another is the safety belt for the Footman/Lakej standing in the back of the Carriage
The roof have a beautiful crafted gilt metal rococo decor
 The corners of the roof
The front of the Coachmans/Kusk Footrest
The Coachmans/Kusk footrest in leather with padding
Forging work
 Brocade inside the seating area
 The center seat have a turnable back, so the passenger can sit in a different direction
 Two doors on each side with rococo handles, and padded leather steps
I love the wood carved rococo details
Side of the back seat

I hope You enjoyed the close up on one of the tresures of Lövstabruk Manor.
During the summer the Carriage & Sledge hall is open to the public once per week.
Or contact Lövstabruk for private viewings.

I will end with a picture showing the mixture of techonoly and art, Thank You, Per!

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